Travis Bettcher

Jim Bettcher

Jeanette & Roy Bettcher

Longhorn Saddlery & Western Wear was started back in 1968 by Roy and Jeanette Bettcher.  It was originally located in downtown Dubuque on Main Street across from the Julien Hotel.  In 1973, Roy and Jeanette decided to build a new store out off of Highway 20 past the Mall where it is currently located.  Many businesses have followed suit and have started expanding in our direction.  

Over the years, the business has been handed down to Jim Bettcher (Roy and Jeanette’s son).  Jim's son, Travis, now works here full time to keep the family business going while his daughter, Chelsea, keeps the Longhorn website up and running.  Although, Roy and Jeanette still lend a helping hand in the business.  Jeanette is in charge of the advertising, while Roy does most of leather repair work. 

Both Jim and Roy have experience in rodeo, roping, and shoeing horses.  Experience and dedication are just a couple reasons why this family-owned business has been open for over 40 years!

Feel free to stop in and chat with our friendly staff or give us a call if you have any questions.

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